Lead your business into the future.

Susan will be presenting at this conference on why technologists and technology are critical in driving business improvement, productivity growth and sustainability and how they can position themselves to achieve it.

Technology is often seen as the silver bullet when business growth stagnates or nagging inefficiencies get in people’s way. There are thousands of very capable products available that do everything from storing documents to automating customer transactions – the challenge is picking the right ones and realising a return on the investment. Business success is not measured in bits and bytes: headcount, transaction/sales volumes, revenue and profit are what get counted, but the differentiator can be how technology is used.

Susan Sly will use examples from commercial and government clients to highlight the difference it makes when business leaders, technology teams and vendors work together to identify fit for purpose technology solutions and bring them to life to drive sustainable business and productivity growth.

Dates: 12-13 March 2020

Location: Suva, Fiji

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