Frank and Fearless Feedback

Lueur commits to giving you the advice that you need, even if it is not what you were hoping to hear. Open and honest feedback empowers you to act on issues you may not be aware of and allows causes, not just symptoms, to be addressed. Discretion and respect are paramount, alongside a commitment to meaningfully engage stakeholders as needed to make your company successful.

These principles apply whether we are the intermediary between clients and their suppliers, working with internal IT teams or coaching individuals.

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About Lueur

Lueur was established in 2014 as an independent consultancy that brings a balance of supplier and customer experience and insight. Value for money, “right sized” engagements and a focus on the capacity and needs of our clients define Lueur’s service model. Founded by Director Susan Sly, Lueur is highly selective about the consultants who represent the brand. We must have demonstrated expertise in technology leadership, highly developed interpersonal skills and share a commitment to leave a clients in a better place than they were in when we arrived.

Harnessing technology is the cornerstone of Lueur’s work.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing business and technology professionals realise a shared vision by collaboratively deploying new solutions, implementing new services and capitalising on their data and information assets.

We work with people and organisations at the outset of your journey to appreciate your challenges, the demands upon you and your potential to deliver what your organisation requires. Our candid, constructive feedback encourages people to take accountability for their career and to close capability gaps that are identified.

We go beyond identifying the problems. We develop options that consider:

  • Budget constraints

  • Overall benefits to your business

  • Cultural fit

  • Your organisation’s capacity to implement our recommendations

About Susan Sly, Director

I am driven by a desire to see organisations and individuals realise potential.  My entrepreneurial nature, understanding of technology and affinity for people mean that I see beyond the status quo to identify ambitious, but achievable solutions.  I encourage people to go that bit further than they thought they could, to realise opportunities and overcome hurdles that would otherwise linger unaddressed. I am a highly effective facilitator and negotiator who develops trust and respect with people and prompts them to overcome differences and work together to progress shared agendas.

My ability to drive strategic change through technology, commercial acumen, innovation and leadership were recognised in 2013 when I was awarded the Victorian and National iAwards Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Year. This built upon the experience I had gained in technology leadership roles, overseeing IT operations, program delivery, business intelligence and enterprise architecture prior to becoming a CIO.

I work constantly to maintain my knowledge of technology and suppliers and I have robust, sustained relationships across the IT industry.

I connect people and organisations with my network across the technology and business sectors for their mutual benefit. I am fiercely vendor and technology independent, meaning that any introduction is based on specific synergies, cultural alignment and potential fit.

CIO Magazine 2018 Profile of Susan Sly >

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Strongly values driven, I thrive in new environments and bring a fresh approach to business challenges.

In addition being the owner and senior advisor at Lueur, I am on the Board (and Deputy Chair) of a commercially competing not-for-profit (NFP) organisation. I have benefited greatly from working alongside other Board members and the executive team as we have navigated significant regulatory, market and technology upheaval that has realised significant shrinkage across our industry. We have sustained the organisation by dynamically managing product diversification, reducing costs and investing in the business with early signs emerging of a return to growth.

As an experienced executive and Board member I have driven change and grown business opportunities within commercial, government and not for profit sectors. Strongly values driven, I thrive in new environments and bring a fresh approach to business challenges. I have previously worked across diverse industries and functions that included seismic survey, remuneration and benefits management and public relations. My career began in the Royal Australian Navy where I completed a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Physics majors) and progressed to navigating a patrol boat in the south west Pacific.

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