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Widening the capability gap

Last week I spent 2 excellent days at an AWS Public Sector Summit. Federal, state and local governments presented really useful case studies, outlining significant changes to technology, governance and IT operating models made to adopt cloud solutions. Technical experts from AWS and their partners outlined their solutions and what you could do with them. Local, regional and global representatives of AWS’ technology, consulting and management arms covered everything from cloud adoption frameworks to skilling up IT teams, with a healthy amount of code thrown in for good measure. “Good for you Susan. Get to the point.” The summit was a terrific opportunity for any agency looking to develop skills [...]

They’re SOPHisTicated (not soft) skills

Business executives not completely confident in making technology decisions? Transition to new technology taking people a while to catch up? Friction building up between technology/project teams and their stakeholders? The rhetoric around digital services, collaboration and everything-as-a-service espouses blurring (or obliteration) of the wall between traditional business and technology teams, but I often see the opposite. On one side are the creative geniuses with skills in marketing, service design, commercialisation and order fulfilment. In the opposite corner are application builders, system integrators, cyber security gurus and technology service managers. They might work for the same company or be specialist external suppliers, but they may as well come from different [...]

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Should there be quotas to increase tech diversity?

(With apologies to the great bard) To quota or not to quota, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the executive suite to suffer the slings and arrows of a homogeneous workforce, or to take steps to address a lack of diversity and by measuring, change it... There has been a significant focus within the technology industry in recent years on increasing diversity, supported by broader initiatives in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Fair to say that if you are white, male and over 30 you may feel about as popular as the lion in a David Attenborough documentary viewed from the perspective of the wildebeest. [...]

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