Feel like a hostage?

Are you frustrated that technology is not delivering the outcomes it should because not all players are on the same page? Are there gaps between the expectations of business owners, internal IT teams and suppliers? Do you want to stop having the same conversations again and again without anything on the ground changing.

Read “The hostage negotiator of enterprise IT” to understand how common this is and how it can be tackled.

Many people do technology OR stakeholder engagement. Lueur advisors have deep expertise in both and apply them concurrently in every engagement. We act as interpreters, advocates and independent adjudicators and give honest feedback to all parties, moving past politics to get things moving. Our deep understanding of technology and how businesses work translates good intent into pragmatic action plans and strategic technology direction.

Whether it be workshop facilitation, mediation and intervention or governance implementation, Lueur can assist.
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Here’s how we’ve made a difference

Each person understood what their role in the process was, and stepped up to meet it, largely due to the targeted activities of the facilitator. They seemed to instantly understand the group dynamics, and were able to tactfully redirect the more naturally dominant personalities to supporting roles at key times, enabling them to draw the quieter types forward.


Another example

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